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Welcome to Preferred IT Recruiting.

PITR is an independent staffing and sourcing company specializing in personnel who have core competencies in IT Infrastructure, Sales and Security, WAN/LAN, Client/Server, Market Data/Voice professionals, R/BOC, C/BLEC and Vendor/reseller environments.  Our fourty years’ experience means that we’re able to successfully connect candidates and clients providing end-to-end customer satisfaction, no matter which side of the hiring desk you’re on.

We are not a “drop and stop” or "bone collector" shop.  We familiarize our candidates on our client companies’ past, current and future business expectations. As a Candidate, you will be assessed on your career needs and objectives and then guided toward the next step of your goal. We pledge to answer your calls, return them when you leave a message and respond to your emails and other inquiries.  We do this to put back in your life the one on one human touch we all seem to see lacking in today’s nanosecond world.

Whether you're an IT worker looking for a new career opportunity or a hiring manager seeking the right fit for your department, we can help.


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Rex Varughese - Trading Operations Engin…

Rex Varughese - Trading Operations Engineer

https://www.linkedin.com/in/rex-varughese-465a99a7/ "Thom is tireless and thorough when it comes to aiding you in your job search. He has built a credible reputation in the IT industry with placing people in a... Read more

Nicholas Derasmo Sr. Advisory Solutions …

Nicholas Derasmo Sr. Advisory Solutions Architect - Dell EMC

Nicholas Derasmo Sr. Advisory Solutions Architect - Dell EMC   https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-derasmo-2a975415/ "After being laid off of my past company with over 13 years of dedicated service, needless to say, I was in shock... Read more

Robert Bennett, MBA, CISSP - Network Ope…

Robert Bennett, MBA, CISSP - Network Operations Management, Security and Internet Services

Robert Bennett on LinkedIn "I have known Thom for most of my civilian IT career and it spans decades. Simply put he is the standard by which I judge the others... Read more

Chris Regenye - Unix administration, IT …

Chris Regenye - Unix administration, IT security, Shell scripting, System monitoring and trending

Chris R. on LinkedIn Resume "I worked with Thom both as a job seeker and somebody responsible for interviewing potential employees.He is professional, detail oriented, and relentless in his pursuit of matching... Read more

Ken Cleary - IT/CIO/CDO/CISO

Ken Cleary - IT/CIO/CDO/CISO

Ken Cleary on LinkedIn Ken ClearySRE / DevOps | Global Market Data Feeds Infrastructure Engineer @ Bloomberg | Distributed Systems IntegrationI have known Thom since 2004, when he matched me with... Read more

Armond St.Juste - Software Developer at …

Armond St.Juste - Software Developer at Sonarcloud

Armond St.Juste A friend and I have started at least looking for open source projects to get involved in, as well as starting something of our own. And I wanted to... Read more

Ron Smilowitz - Residential Sales Associ…

"I have worked in major corporations as an IT Recruiter for a long while. In this role I have worked with many vendors but none more successfully than Tom Guida... Read more

Nick De Riggi - Dir. Customer Support Op…

"I have known Thom for over 20 years. He has provided recruitment support for many of the organizations that I have been employed. Thom always conducts himself with professionalism and... Read more

Richard G. Mcginty - Director at MetLife

"I have known Thom for many years, first as a service provider and then becoming close friends. Thom goes above and beyond to insure that you receive the best opportunities... Read more

Clarence L. Monroe, MBA - IT Consultant

"Thom is a top notch recruiter and individual. He is unselfish with his time and has a genuine interest in helping his clients attain the best positions.  It was truly... Read more



Preferred IT Recruiting leverages nearly 40 years of IT Placement experience.  We bring "Old School” recruitment, sourcing, selection and placement techniques both candidates and clients need into the “Wired/wireless” times of today.  We specialize in proactively "solution selling" to ensure the right fit, rather than "following the path of least resistance" to ensure we've uncovered every opportunity.  If you're tired of dealing with recruiters who are just 'bone collectors', you've come to the right place!



Preferred IT Recruiting has been serving Data Processing and Technology workers since 1975.  Experience has taught us that available and qualified applicants cannot always be aware of every interesting and rewarding employment opportunity and employers are best served by making the right decision the first time. Whether you're considering a career change,  or if your company needs to conduct interviews with only a few quality pre-screened and correctly qualified applicants, look here, and then we can help.



At PITR, we pledge ourselves to doing business the "old fashioned way".  That means we'll answer your calls, return them when you leave a message, respond to your emails and other inquires, and treat you with the respect you deserve.  We do this to put back in your life the missing one-on-one human interaction we all seem to see lacking in today’s nanosecond world.  If you're tired of being treated like a piece of meat by other recruiters, let us show you how we can make a difference.